Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nicole's Izmaylov's Ronnie and BB may be very rare

Nicole Izmaylov submitted her first manuscript to FutureWord Publishing in August of 2009. Production went extremely fast on the book which is an acrostic poem about a mole (BB) and a bumblebee (Ronnie) who make friends. While the two are playing a game of Hide and Seek a cat discovers BB and is holding him for lunch when Ronnie comes to the rescue.

Acrostic poetry is very rare in storybooks. As the publisher at FutureWord, I researched to find other acrostic poems of similar quality and could not find any.

I tracked the sales on Amazon closely and calculated that Amazon averaged selling a book a day during the first 45 days. The other books that were sent to book signings were sold quickly. Increasing the total number of the books sold.

The book, Ronnie and BB is now waiting results on a State-wide contest which should bring some interesting results. Nicole is not counting her chickens before they hatch but her enthusiasm for proudly sharing her book is infectious.

The books are available to the author for the same production cost as for the publisher, making the royalties 100% for the author on the books sold at signings. Normally, the publisher charges the author a fee for each book. Contracts offer the authors 40% discounts and sometimes less. Nicole chose to give her proceeds to Lily's Run at the past book signings. I will keep the news blogs posted of any future book signings.

The twelve-year-old, Atlanta-born female received national recognition for literary and musical compositions during her elementary school years, as well as various times throughout middle school. Her personal interests include: writing poems, playing violin and piano, and acting in the drama club at her school. She has set her goal to be a published author/editor throughout her career.

Nicole is now attending seventh grade at Webb Bridge in Alpharetta, Georgia.
For more information about Ronnie and BB, email the publisher at:

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