Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazon releases . . . But Whether Men Do

The Amazon debut of R. Anthony Mahan has now been released. The book is exclusively for sale on Amazon until Barnes and Noble picks up the product from the catalog within the next 6-8 weeks. The novel will be sold globally and on Kindle shortly.

The book is the first Novel to be released by FutureWord and we look forward to the countdown to zero when we can offer a release to the press for the 378 page science fiction novel. The book, But Whether Men Do is a softcover, perfect bound 6 by 9 and will be available for all online bookstores including Barnes and Noble, Books-a-million, Border and many others as well as independent bookstores. The book will also be sold on Amazon globally. The sale price is $14.95.

FutureWord has a press release prepared for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the local TV stations, and libraries in Alpharetta where R. Anthony Mahan will be holding most of his book signings.

The Maysville Autumn Leaf Festival will have a huge presentation in the month of November that showcases Mahan and three other FutureWord authors.

Working with R. Anthony Mahan has been a pleasure and I enjoy the excitement for his successful delivery of the first science fiction on a series of books that he has been working on for a while.

Any information concerning the Amazon release should be directed to

Amazon will have a Search Inside Feature that should be ready in about 10 business days. Right now, the product page is still under construction by Amazon.

Tentatively, the press release date is set for September 15th, 2010.