Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FutureWord Publishing Donates Books For Charity Event

FutureWord Publishing has donated a limited number of books to benefit cancer patient, Lily Anderson.

Lily Anderson, 8, was diagnosed Sept. 10 with advanced neuroblastoma cancer in the form of a large tumor in her abdomen. Money is needed for her treatment. The details can be found here: "Lily's Run"

Cheryl Haynes, publisher at FutureWord routed some books that were going to be donated for the Shriner's Crippled Children's Hospital to Nicole Izmaylov for her signing.

"There are a limited number of books. The more money you pay for the book, the more money goes to the cancer fund for Lily Anderson." said Mr. Highfield, Director of sales at FutureWord.

Nicole's older sister, best-selling author Michelle Izmaylov, currently a medical student at Emory University, published "Dream Saver" and "The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch" will be selling her books as well for the benefit.

Nicole Izmaylov is currently attending Webb Bridge Middle School in Alpharetta, and will sign her title, "Ronnie and BB."

The book signing will be held with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the "Lily's Run" Fund.

Here is the schedule:

Date: Nov. 21

Time: Nicole 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Michelle 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Place: Ocee Library, Alpharetta

Participants: Nicole Izmaylov (Ronnie and BB) and Michelle Izmaylov (The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch)

Sidney's Pizza, Vickery Village Book Signing.

Date: Dec. 5

Time: Noon to 2 p.m. Both Nicole and Michelle will be signing at this time.

Place: Sidney's Pizza, Vickery Village

Participants: Nicole Izmaylov (Ronnie and BB) and Michelle Izmaylov (The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch)

Go to to search inside."Ronnie and BB."

FutureWord 's goal is to provide the best books to today's readers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New York Illustrator creates juvenile fiction character

Valerie Bouthyette has decided to bring everything she's got to the children of the world. For years she has been illustrating stories for authors and encouraging others to write, illustrate and publish. Now this creative innovator has a children's book of her own now available through

Valerie's first book, in a series of stories that chronicle the adventures of a mouse and all of the friends that climb on his bandwagon while learning some valuable lessons in life, is a Christmas story that introduce the main character, Mousie.

Mousie lives alone in a barn on a farm owned by a family. Mousie treks across snow- covered fields in cold, biting winds to just catch a peek of the little boy who lives inside the little white farmhouse.

As each day passes, the family decorates and prepares for the Christmas season--something Mousie has never experienced.

"We don't have all the details worked out but we would like to continue the series of Mousie with an introduction to a few other characters around the farmhouse," says Cheryl Haynes, President of FutureWord Publishing. Cheryl has collaborated with the renown illustrator about the possibility of doing a number of books, all of which will showcase her outstanding artwork and heart-warming stories that teach social and moral values to children.

Valerie is working on a teaching degree but says, "I student taught at Calvin U. Smith Elementary School last Spring in Mrs. Merrill's first grade class and worked with the students to write and illustrate a book which they followed through to self-publish through The titled work was called the Magnificent and Scientific Adventures of Mouse. This mouse character is one created by the students. I'll be student teaching with Mrs. Colunio's 5th grade class this fall."

The launch date for Valerie's new title, The Christmas Wish, is set for Friday, October 9, 2009.

The book is perfect bound, 8.25 by 8.25 and is full color illustrations with bleed.

An official press release date is also set for October 9, 2009.

Friday, July 17, 2009

FutureWord's latest addition--Best-selling author, Michelle Izmaylov

The staff at FutureWord is buzzing with excitement. They have a Sci-fi/Fantasy Editor for Young Adults and she's an accomplished published author.

Cheryl Haynes, president of FutureWord, told this interviewer, "Michelle Izmaylov can edit any genre, but she is very keen in science fiction. That is what I want her to do right now but she is probably going to take flight and do some pretty amazing things on the line of book publishing. She is already on her own fourth novel."

How well rounded with creativity and industry can one eighteen-year-old be? Well, all I can say is--we should all keep an eye on this girl.

About seven years ago, an eleven-year-old girl with a laptop began writing the tale of an ordinary Earth child who discovers an enchanted pocket watch. At eighteen, Michelle Izmaylov is the bestselling author of three novels: The Pocket Watch, Dream Saver, and Galaxy Watch (the first book of The Galacteran Legacy trilogy). Michelle’s story has been featured by CNN, a copy of which may be found here.

Additional accomplishments include winning first place in a national short story contest hosted by Mercury Publishing, Inc. Also, during Michelle’s tenure as the Prose Editor of The Ripple Effect in 2007-2008, the literary magazine received the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Medal.

Although no genre is beyond her reach, Michelle delights in fantasy and science fiction. “I am honored to be part of FutureWord’s editing staff,” says Michelle. “Connecting with authors is an amazing journey. Every writer has a unique story to tell, and I love working together to enhance that story to life.”

Monday, July 13, 2009

FutureWord is forming its staff

FutureWord is proud to introduce a new staff member. . .

Valerie Bouthyette is known for her prolific art and dazzling illustrations that have entertained children all over the United States. Valerie Bouthyette is an illustrator, specializing in children’s books. Valerie has a degree in Graphic Design from SUNY Farmingdale, and was formerly an art director for American Lithotech on Long Island many years ago.

She's been in the graphic design field for more than twenty-five years, and currently owns her own illustration business. Valerie is an award winning artist and also creates logo and graphic designs as well as book trailers.

She works in watercolor, pencil, acrylic and a variety of other mediums including digital artwork and design. Valerie says she been working in this field since she “could hold a crayon”, and her favorite color is Crayola’s periwinkle.

Cheryl Haynes, President of FutureWord, commented, "I was impressed with the Disney quality of Valerie's work and was astounded that she accepted the invitation to provide illustrations for authors who query their work to FutureWord. If the authors have a fantastic story and they can't illustrate, we have one of the top ten illustrators on Anyone who has a great children's story would be lucky to have her illustrations. I have used her services myself and am positively 100% satisfied. One of her virtues that I find matches with my own interests are her philanthropic points of view."

In Valerie's own words:

"I hope to give our community’s youth the opportunity to express themselves creatively and I am most looking forward to providing affordable access to the arts to all, regardless of financial status."

"Valerie will have her own business but she will represent FutureWord in their acquisitions of children's illustrated books. We are lucky to have her commit her talented services to making the world of readers, and the authors who provide their leadership, a better picture of the message in storybooks." Cheryl told one interviewer.

Another goal of FutureWord is to make illustrating and editing a more economical solution for authors, apart from the publishing business. We're not just a publisher. We're consultants.

FutureWord is a publishing group that acts like a network for whatever the authors need to get published. If they need an editor--bingo!. They may need an illustrator or a beta reader, or even a book trailer. So you think you need an agent? No, you don't--we are the publisher too!

No cost to you if you are contracted for a book. We pay for the editor and the illustrator. If you are someone looking for an editor or illustrator but want to query your work somewhere else, we offer recommendations for that as well.

We have someone linked here to help you. We aim to provide the readers with quality writing and illustrations for the youth of today.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discussion: Kindle

Eventually Kindles will replace textbooks in schools. Well, Maybe not a Kindle but some electronic reading device will be designed to replace textbooks. This electronic world of books seems to fall right into part of a government plan to make an electrical grid, save the environment, and create greater technology.

However, protesters who cannot change their ways, can stay the way they are as far as books are concerned. Downloads off your web site will always be an option. Digital files, Ebooks, audios and Kindles are the way we are headed with this electrical grid. It's been a long time in the making and just needed the right moment to come out.

This will even cause Ebooks to be in higher demand than ever. Not everyone can afford to buy a Kindle. But no one should be concerned about that. There is always a cheaper way for some of us.

I have lots of friends who were in the Amazon program and their Shorts were never sold on digital. Then along came the Kindle and the Shorts were converted...then they started selling and making money on the Kindles. As their rankings on their Kindles grew, they started selling the digitals to the people who didn’t have Kindles. We should embrace new technology as it will pull us with it into the future of publishing.

The first form of a Kindle that I noticed and wished that we had was on Star Trek Voyager. The crew of Voyager walked around with an electronic reading device that looked very much like a Kindle. Science fiction fans are not dumbfounded at this technology. Some of them knew that the idea was very real and soon to be. Then the doctor's offices started bringing something out that simulated the same version of a doctor's report on the first Star Trek Classics.

Imagine a school room of children with no text books because they are all loaded into a ten-ounce Kindle.

If you can get your book on a Kindle then you should do so. Don’t stop your digitals because the common laborer has children who cannot afford Kindles. These children will settle for using a big laptop to read a book or lean over a desktop. The laptops will be used like a Kindles for reading Ebooks and the computers in schools will have the information that the teacher needs. Have you ever heard of people who go on job training with a computer in front of them for days, teaching them the new job?

These children know how to adapt. It is good for the publishing industry to embrace the Kindle and they have thus far.

Anyone who signs onto Amazon will see a video demonstration of the Kindle II.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Laurie Foston to publish independently

I’m Laurie Foston but my real name is Cheryl Haynes. I’m published under the pseudonyms Cheryl Henry Hodgetts in the Hebrew language for the title, Leon the Chameleon. My stories are broken down by their genres to have different pseudonyms. Laurie Foston for adult fiction and Cheryl Henry Hodgetts for children's stories.

I write science fiction/fantasy with a religious allegory. My novel, The Coming of the Magi was released December, 2006.

I offered free books for a survey feedback on in 2007 for the 285 page novel. It is my belief that the customer is always right. I have taken advice from the public on what the readers want or desire to read in the genre that I write. I intend to follow through with revisions for what the public desires.

The book, The Coming of the Magi proved to be viable after testing it on the market and has surpassed C.S. Lewis in the sales ranks in its category many times over the last six months.

This pleasant surprise encouraged me to seek more publishing opportunities. The book is currently a work-in-progress revision to be offered to a wider audience of young adults as well. The present book is written in a style that emulates Jane Austen but it has been decided that a longer, simplified, contemporary version is more practical for the current readers of today.

I seek to publish this newer version independently under the title, The Next Phase Chronicles, Just in Time For You and anticipate it to be ready in early 2011 through is the largest venue of book sales globally and I find the readers and members of the Amazon community seek out books that are of the highest quality for their children to read. I hope that my new version will be satisfactory for this community.

My publisher, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC. has produced a beautifully bound paperback with an exceptionally nice inside layout. I have decided to try out publishing independently and have terminated the contract with Tate Publishing. Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC. has wished me the best of success in my independent publishing endeavor and I would like to say that they have exceeded my expectations in a first time publisher.

The following titles are available through and were published by Amazon.

Christmas Is Not Just For Children by Laurie Foston
Leon the Chameleon by Cheryl Henry Hodgetts

The latest children’s story is not yet available but is in the illustration process and will become available for publication in the month of June, 2009. The name of the title is expected to be The Mystery of the Sasyrifera Plant.I’m excited to belong to the Amazon community and look forward to building a future in books with

Cheryl Haynes aka Laurie Foston.