Sunday, April 4, 2010

Futureword Presents: Lea Heil

Last year, I read a science fiction futuristic manuscript submitted by an 18-year-old High School student from Norcross, Georgia, Lea Heil. I mentioned her in an earlier blog as having been auditioned for America's Got Talent. She has now been accepted into Shorter College and plans to continue pursuing her singing career along with other arts. She plays a guitar, piano and violin. She has been hired by Futureword to write a musical score for a children's book written by an author from the United Kingdom.

Lea's novel,Freedom Deconstructed, is set far into the future after the year 6,000 AD. The people of Earth have long since found this planet uninhabitable and set up colonies on Venus and Mars. Lea describes the way they scientifically set life form into motion with science that is known today. The story is believable. The planet Venus has erected a school for its young until they reach a certain maturity to leave it for the planet Mars. But there is a problem. The children on Venus are implanted at birth with a chip that is used by remote to activate when it suits the government. This means that there is only a short window of time that they can conceive. Of course this plan is set up by a government with lots of conspiracy going on with the students as well. A team called "The Rengladius" fights back, but there are more problems than the Rengladius can face alone and they must convince others to follow them. The government agents who try to enforce rules on this society are a genetically engineered species able to appear at the blink of an eye and take an offender of the law to justice.

I fear I am going to spoil it if I continue.

The book will be a 6 x 9 Perfect bound and will be in Kindle as well. The anticipated release date will be September 1, 2010. I will have two other novels released prior to that date if production continues as smoothly as it has been. The books are nothing alike. When you pick up one, you will want the other, as they are running a photo finish.

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