Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Rockin Roger rocks

Now and then, Valerie Bouthyette has a book that she is illustrating that she runs by me to see what I think.

I saw this one and it was a no-brainer. My own personal ethical code will not allow me to talk Benjamin Moores into letting me publish his first book of The Little Rockin Roger series that he has been talking about for months.

This book needs a home at brick and mortar stores.

There are novels that can be read on Kindle and novels that can be printed on demand and purchased on line, but this one will pop out on a book store shelf to any child or adult.

Little Rockin Roger & the Magic Glass Guitar is about a young boy, Roger, who moves to a new house and encounters some seriously spooky events. No rattling chains or creaking noises, but a "tune".

Roger and his pet fish get carried away with the magic of a glass guitar that makes Roger a singing idol .

The lyrics are lively, the illustrations, by Valerie Bouthyette are once again, remarkable and eye-catching.

FutureWord had to turn Benjamin Moores in another direction. All suggestions for Benjamin Moore's book should be sent to:

Right now, we want to see who is paying attention and how it turns out.

"One must never keep a dream waiting." -Og Mandino- The Greatest Salesman in the World