Sunday, June 12, 2011

FutureWord donates books to Literacy Groups in Elmira New York

I watched an episode on "The Outer Limits" that showed a neural receiver being worn by people of the future. These neural receivers could transmit and receive information from a huge database making it possible for a human to learn knowledge without reading. The neural receiver read it and transmitted all of it to the memory.This was a scary thought.

The point in the show was that developing a program to make knowledge equally available to all was against natural evolution. (in the mind of the author) And it also created a society that evolved to one that could not understand how to read. Anyone born with the ability to read was a freak and was lucky to get a job as a janitor. The rest is somewhat predictable. The program started to get a virus which damaged the brain and people suffered neural damage to the point that they were dying off. Of course one person who had taught himself to read found the original safety features in the original read-only file and tricked one of the neural readers to focus on the material and quickly shut down the database before all was ruined. With such a neural implant, they no longer had any choices of what they wanted to learn or research.They were being forced to only know what the database wanted them to know.

I know this sounds hard to believe but we have people who can't read. There are literacy foundations in every city and those foundations need books and volunteers to help people who cannot read. Imagine not being able to understand your own surroundings. You would be trapped in a bubble. That bubble would be no different than living life wearing a neural feeder that was being worn by the people in the above fiction story. Man has a choice. He can read and then chose what he wants to retain for himself. This is how we develop.

FutureWord chose books that are easy to read and spiritually uplifting. Scores of May the Best Dog Win and Return to the Shore were selected to take to the Literacy Groups in Elmira. I am waiting to hear what else we can do to help others in the same situations.

Each book is on a different level. Every author has a chance to donate some of their books to a charitable organization to help illiterate people learn to read.