Monday, July 13, 2009

FutureWord is forming its staff

FutureWord is proud to introduce a new staff member. . .

Valerie Bouthyette is known for her prolific art and dazzling illustrations that have entertained children all over the United States. Valerie Bouthyette is an illustrator, specializing in children’s books. Valerie has a degree in Graphic Design from SUNY Farmingdale, and was formerly an art director for American Lithotech on Long Island many years ago.

She's been in the graphic design field for more than twenty-five years, and currently owns her own illustration business. Valerie is an award winning artist and also creates logo and graphic designs as well as book trailers.

She works in watercolor, pencil, acrylic and a variety of other mediums including digital artwork and design. Valerie says she been working in this field since she “could hold a crayon”, and her favorite color is Crayola’s periwinkle.

Cheryl Haynes, President of FutureWord, commented, "I was impressed with the Disney quality of Valerie's work and was astounded that she accepted the invitation to provide illustrations for authors who query their work to FutureWord. If the authors have a fantastic story and they can't illustrate, we have one of the top ten illustrators on Anyone who has a great children's story would be lucky to have her illustrations. I have used her services myself and am positively 100% satisfied. One of her virtues that I find matches with my own interests are her philanthropic points of view."

In Valerie's own words:

"I hope to give our community’s youth the opportunity to express themselves creatively and I am most looking forward to providing affordable access to the arts to all, regardless of financial status."

"Valerie will have her own business but she will represent FutureWord in their acquisitions of children's illustrated books. We are lucky to have her commit her talented services to making the world of readers, and the authors who provide their leadership, a better picture of the message in storybooks." Cheryl told one interviewer.

Another goal of FutureWord is to make illustrating and editing a more economical solution for authors, apart from the publishing business. We're not just a publisher. We're consultants.

FutureWord is a publishing group that acts like a network for whatever the authors need to get published. If they need an editor--bingo!. They may need an illustrator or a beta reader, or even a book trailer. So you think you need an agent? No, you don't--we are the publisher too!

No cost to you if you are contracted for a book. We pay for the editor and the illustrator. If you are someone looking for an editor or illustrator but want to query your work somewhere else, we offer recommendations for that as well.

We have someone linked here to help you. We aim to provide the readers with quality writing and illustrations for the youth of today.