Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discussion: Kindle

Eventually Kindles will replace textbooks in schools. Well, Maybe not a Kindle but some electronic reading device will be designed to replace textbooks. This electronic world of books seems to fall right into part of a government plan to make an electrical grid, save the environment, and create greater technology.

However, protesters who cannot change their ways, can stay the way they are as far as books are concerned. Downloads off your web site will always be an option. Digital files, Ebooks, audios and Kindles are the way we are headed with this electrical grid. It's been a long time in the making and just needed the right moment to come out.

This will even cause Ebooks to be in higher demand than ever. Not everyone can afford to buy a Kindle. But no one should be concerned about that. There is always a cheaper way for some of us.

I have lots of friends who were in the Amazon program and their Shorts were never sold on digital. Then along came the Kindle and the Shorts were converted...then they started selling and making money on the Kindles. As their rankings on their Kindles grew, they started selling the digitals to the people who didn’t have Kindles. We should embrace new technology as it will pull us with it into the future of publishing.

The first form of a Kindle that I noticed and wished that we had was on Star Trek Voyager. The crew of Voyager walked around with an electronic reading device that looked very much like a Kindle. Science fiction fans are not dumbfounded at this technology. Some of them knew that the idea was very real and soon to be. Then the doctor's offices started bringing something out that simulated the same version of a doctor's report on the first Star Trek Classics.

Imagine a school room of children with no text books because they are all loaded into a ten-ounce Kindle.

If you can get your book on a Kindle then you should do so. Don’t stop your digitals because the common laborer has children who cannot afford Kindles. These children will settle for using a big laptop to read a book or lean over a desktop. The laptops will be used like a Kindles for reading Ebooks and the computers in schools will have the information that the teacher needs. Have you ever heard of people who go on job training with a computer in front of them for days, teaching them the new job?

These children know how to adapt. It is good for the publishing industry to embrace the Kindle and they have thus far.

Anyone who signs onto Amazon will see a video demonstration of the Kindle II.