Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Author of Blue Sunrise to Debut at the Hilton at Ridgeway

Gregg Overman, author
Blue Sunrise
Contact Phone: 901-487-6927

Revised by Kristine M Smith July 20, 2011
Memphis Native Publishes Si-Fi Novel , will sign copies at the Ridgeway Hilton Sept 24 from 2 to 4pm

If Gregg Overman had been any less confident about the science fiction novel he penned ten years ago, Blue Sunrise would still be in manuscript form. But because Overman redoubled his resolve with every publisher's rejection, he now has a science-fiction thriller that is catching the attention and buzz of sci-fi fans on the web.
Touted by some reviewers as an instant science fiction classic, Blue Sunrise takes the reader on a stunning ride toward the destruction of all intelligent life in the universe. Written in three parallel settings, Overman paints a vivid description of the struggle for survival in the face of imminent destruction. The story carries the reader from Earth to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and contrasts the fragile nature of life against its desperate resolve to survive. Overman’s protagonists spring from the page via flawless characterization and bizarre alien locations are described in painstaking detail, transporting the reader flawlessly to other worlds.
Overman knew Blue Sunrise was a winner the moment he finished writing it in 2001. The supreme challenge was finding a publisher willing to take a chance on a virtually unknown author. Overman finally received a call from FutureWord Publishing, a local Memphis publishing house. The powers that be at FutureWord chose Blue Sunrise as their cornerstone release.
Blue Sunrise was released February 2011 and has accumulated significant fanfare. The online science-fiction community has embraced the book, and Overman hopes the acclaim will lead to more mainstream appeal. The book is available at all online bookstores and in some Memphis bookstores.
Overman's first book signing will be hosted by the Hilton Hotel at Ridgeway on July 24th 2011, from 2PM to 4PM.
Kristine M Smith, Copywriter and Author