Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Author writes her lifetime dream story for children

Allyn M. Stotz grew up in a family of writers, editors, and authors. Her father ran the town newspaper, her mother wrote weekly news columns, her sister is a writer/editor and her brother is an avid blogger. Living among them all her life was, in one way, something that made her feel normal with her imagination. After all, she was raised with it and she never thought her own talent as anything out of the ordinary. Then one day, she was reading some of her brother's blogs and reflected on all of the story ideas that she carried with her through her lifetime. A light bulb went off. I can do this!

Where would she start? Well she just sat down and started writing whatever came into her mind. One of the stories she visualized to bring to life was one with a little girl who loves peanut butter and can't get enough of it. She has visualized the story in her mind over the years and now had it perfected.

Allyn now needed a publisher. She queried many places but when this first crossed the desk of Futureword Publishing, it was forwarded to Valerie Bouthyette to determine if this was going to be a book she could bring to life with the zest that made other books, Like Ronnie and BB, Nanny's Tales, the Dragon and the Unicorn, an instant heart winner.

Valerie thought it was a fantastic idea and wanted to take that chance as long as Futureword agreed to volunteer some teamwork with it. The result: The Pea in Peanut Butter.

Allyn's from a very determined family. Her mother is now 83 years old and has stayed the course with her writing in spite of health and age issues to finish off her third novel. Allyn shows the same perseverance in her work.

With her mother still writing and the rest of her family busy at it, how could Allyn miss her own chance?

The book is 36 pages with full bleed color illustrations and will soon be available on Amazon and all online bookstores.  The 8 by 10 fully illustrated picture book will be on sale for $11.95.