Saturday, June 19, 2010

FutureWord Presents: GAYA Award Winner Nicole Izmaylov

Nicole Izmaylov was well received with a bow from one of the judges who said "You're better than I am. I'm going to watch you!" at the 2010 GAYA Award presentation Saturday evening.

Nicole holds the first official award for FutureWord and has broken ground for Independent publishers to move ahead with hope for their dreams in the publishing world to become a reality.

Her perseverance and pride as well as leadership has shown Nicole to be a role model for young authors. Her genuine interest in learning what the public wants and to please her audience rather than please herself sets her apart from many others.

As Victor Hugo said, "If I only wrote for myself I should have to lay down my quill."

I think Nicole's enthusiasm shows great strength of character and an extraordinary gift to the literary community. I know she is a gift to FutureWord. And like all greatness, those who have followed her seem to have a touch of the same sparkle of light.

Such is the salt of the earth. Ronnie and BB's message to the world:

"The Importance of Love and Friendship!"

Remain a beacon, Nicole! Congratulations from all of us!