Tuesday, March 16, 2010

FutureWord Negotiates with Author for a Musical Score?

FutureWord Negotiates with Author for a Musical Score?

I guess I said that right!

When you have multi-talented authors who have additional skills to purchase with their manuscripts...well...ur...uh...why not?

Lea Heil submitted her novel to FutureWord and signed on with us. She recently auditioned for America's Got Talent! Lea Hell's science fiction is futuristic as well. The title of her debut novel is Freedom Deconstructed. But Lea plays several instruments, sings opera and composes music as a hobby.

More about Lea and her book is forthcoming in another blog later this spring.

FutureWord has contracted Benjamin Moores for the rights to sell his new storybook called Little Rockin' Roger & the Magic Glass Guitar. But we need a tune to go with the book! Yes, that's right! Benjamin Moores wrote his own song in his own book. The picture book is full of lively rocking with Roger and a glass guitar that he finds in his attic. Parents will open the book and read to the last page and if they can read music? Well, they can play a tune on a piano or guitar and sing the rest of the story back to their child before they go to bed. Or, they can just go to the back of the book and sing the story!

How's that for new kind of storybook? Moores sent out queries in the UK and waited just long enough to decide that his gut feelings tell him that this picture book will be a hit over here. I'm saying it will be a hot hit over there. I hope we are both right!

With Valerie's Boutheytte's illustrations on Benjamin Moores' totally unique new storybook with his own song written into the story, and Lea Heil's musical composition talent; I feel like I just struck the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I anticipate there will be a wait,folks, but I have scheduled the book to be hitting the market by July 15th. Meanwhile, I'll be waiting on Nicole Izmaylov's results for her nomination for a GAYA Award and will be looking over the final edits from a local Memphis author who has a US Patent on a most unusual de-greaser. I'll have more on that story as well.

FutureWord's science fiction books as well as children's books will be influencing the way people think today. That is what FutureWord is about. Sending message to people around the world that will help us to get a feel for publishing of the future!

written by the publisher